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When choosing a pest control company it’s incredibly important to choose a skilled andknowledgeable pest control company that can provide you with safe and effective treatment whilealso having a deep understanding of the local environment you live in and the best ways to treat thetypes of pests you want to protect your home and family from. Thankfully, you don’t have to reach farfrom your home to find Mike Warren and Savannah Termite and Pest Control.

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Pest Control From One Of Your Own

Savannah Termite And Pest Control is already an established name throughout the greater SavannahArea and president/owner Mike Warren also happens to be a proud resident of landings. His passionis to help the people in communities in and around Savannah live safer, healthier lives by eliminatingthe threat of disease from their homes and property, and for Mike the epicenter of that passion is hishome and your home, The Landings.

Always close, always knowledgeable, and always reliable, Mike and the team at Savannah TermiteAnd Pest Control can provide you with the safe, effective, and reliable treatment of pests that youdeserve because no pest control company in Savannah knows The Landings better than Savannah Termite And Pest Control

Exclusive Specials For Residents of The Landings

Summer Specials

  • - Monthly pest control service for only $9 when bundled with mosquito treatments.
  • - Two months free pest control service.
  • - $100 off any termite treatment.

  • *$9 for pest control cannot be bundled with the two months free pest control service.

Call today for a free consultation and 58 point pest analysis and don’t forget to mention one ourexclusive specials below.

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