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Rodent Control

Why Is Rodent Control Important?

Finding rodents in your home can be a frightening discovery, and naturally you want to call in a pest control company that offers fast and effective solutions to your pest problems!

The term rodents can refer to a variety of potential pests such as rats, mice, and squirrels. Each one can be an annoyance in your home and sometimes cause damage if left unchecked. Many times, the first sign of rodent activity in your home is a bump in the night. Unlike insect pests, rodents and other wildlife are not always infesting the home in large numbers. Sometimes a single rodent can inhabit the home and cause significant problems on its own.

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Where To Start

Rodent treatment varies greatly from case to case. The location of the rodent, as well as what type of creature it is, determines what steps should be taken to treat it safely and effectively. Typically, treatment begins with a thorough inspection of the home.

Common Areas To Check For Signs Of Rodent Activities

The most important parts of this process is identifying where the rodents are living in the home as well as how they were able to enter. In most cases, rodents will have entered the home through a hole or crack in the exterior of the home. Certain pests, such as squirrels, will sometimes create the openings themselves. Common areas that rodents enter through include:

• Vents
• Gutters
• Holes/cracks near to attics or basements
• Doors or windows
• Crawlspaces

As these areas are the most commonly exploited, they should be the first areas that are inspected by the technician. It is important to note that, should you find an opening that a rodent is entering and exiting, you should not seal that area until the rodent has been removed. If you seal the entrance, it is possible that the rodent will simply create another, in which case another area would have to be identified and repaired.

What We Do Best

Once the rodent has been located, it can be removed safely and effectively by a professional technician. Homeowners should be aware that is typically better to call in professionals to deal with any rodent problems, as they carry bacteria and can bite if handled improperly. A trained technician can remove the rodent without unnecessary risk and frustration. This is also important if there is an established nest in your home, as these can be particularly tricky to remove safely.

Once the rodent is removed, whatever entryway that they have exploited can be sealed, and the area that they have inhabited should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any bacteria and filth that their habitation has created. This step should be carried out thoroughly, as any filth left behind could make someone sick.

If you are dealing with rodents in your home, you want to work with a company that you can trust to safely remove them. At Savannah Termite and Pest Control, we have years of experience handling rodent problems. Our technicians start every treatment process with a thorough inspection of the home, identifying signs of pest activity as well as conditions that are conducive to infestation. Once this is complete, we will formulate a targeted plan to safely and effective resolve your pest problems!

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