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Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug treatmentBed bugs can’t be eliminated with just any general treatment. They require professional bed bug extermination services.Savannah Termite and Pest Control have been treating residential homes with years of expertise. We are fully licensed and have professionals eager to provide you a bed bug treatment with our 110% guarantee.

Before Bed Bug Treatment: Inspection

Before bed bugs can be treated, they need to be located. Infestations can occur quickly and take over quickly if left untreated. We have the training necessary to find the bed bugs lurking in their many hiding places.


After Bed Bug Treatment: Control & Prevention

After your home is secured and free from bed bugs, we can give you some tips and advice to avoid being a victim of any future bed bug infestations. Understanding how a bed bug infestation can occur can help stop them from invading your home.  Having been trained in bed bugs we use the highest grade equipment and materials to completely destroy and remove bed bugs. If you believe you have a bed bug problem, don’t waste time and allow the infestation to get worse. Call us today to schedule your appointment.