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5 Reasons Your Current Pest Control Company Isn’t Getting the Job Done

 1. They aren’t cleaning the spider webs.

Removing the spider webs is the most effective means of controlling a spider infestation, but most pest-control companies don’t bother to remove the webs.

2. They aren’t tailoring their treatments to the circumstances in your home.

Whatever was leftover in the tank from the last customer is probably what your pest control company will use when they treat your home. Every home and every pest infestation are different. If the treatment isn’t tailored to your unique circumstances, it isn’t going to be effective.

3. They’re using too much pesticide.

Chemical pesticides, by their very nature, are toxic. Using too much pesticide not only poses a threat to you, your family and your pets; it also does little to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. It’s not how much you use. It’s what you use and where you apply it that matters.

4. They aren’t using an adequate variety of treatments.

Over time, the pests in your home develop a resistance to the treatments used by your pest-control company. What killed the roaches a few months ago won’t even slow them down today. Your pest-control company needs to use a variety of treatments, but most of them use the same thing month after month and year after year.

5. They aren’t communicating with you, the homeowner.

How do they know what problems you are experiencing with pests in your home if they never bother to ask? Time is money, and most pest-control companies don’t want to “waste” their time talking to you.

savannah pest controlIf any of this sounds familiar, you need a pest control company that knows how to get the job done. Call Savannah Termite and Pest Control, and let us solve your pest control problems.